What’s all this about?

As a kid I got some electronics sets and a soldering iron from my dad. This got me into the whole thing and I started tinkering a little until I was about 15 or so and my interests changed. For a long time that’s been it and everything went into a box. I only used the iron for little things, repairs where they might be needed but never really got back into it.

Then in the beginning of 2018 – more than 20 years later (yeah I am old) a friend told me about Arduino and I looked it up. I was doing a lot of programming for fun and work in different languages like Python, PHP and LSL but never touched actual C code. Then I noticed that I know the basics of C++ from using LSL for about 10 years already which at least uses the same syntax and borrowed lots of key things from C++. I ordered my first Arduino Uno and dug out my old electronics box which still had a lot of interesting stuff I totally forgot about.

Since most of the things in my box were very basic, I started ordering bits and pieces to get a base set of electronic components. While waiting for these to arrive from China I started learning the Arduino derivate of C which was surprisingly easy compared to what I expected. There’s tons of ressources available and even more ready to used libraries and code snippets.