Bandwidth Monitor

This is a quite simple project that’s kiiiind of usefulโ€ฆ Often enough I wonder when a website is slow, if it’s my line that’s at its limit or if the server is just slow. So I wanted a way to see the used bandwidth on my line at a glance. At first I just wanted to use some LEDs but then I got the idea to use analog voltmeters as a display. I ordered a few very cheap 5V meters from china and changed the resistor to make them work on 3.3V. I also found a fitting case for them that just happened to have mounting points perfect for one of the D1 Mini Triple boards I had in my storage so I used that as a base for the hardware. After assembling everything it just needed a ton of software which has been a lot more work than the hardware in this case. I am using a python script to read the bandwith values from my router and push them onto my MQTT broker which then forwards the values to the D1 Mini. After some smoothing since my router only updates its values every few seconds it is then turned into a pwm signal to control the meters.

I am not going to publish the software for this since it contains lots of data that’s not for publishing and I am too lazy to go through all of that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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