I got this old (really really old) EXIT sign from a friend. It still had its original electronics inside which were about 30 years old and, even though still working, not really up to standards and also quite brittle. some of the parts broke while just trying to remove the cables. Here’s some pictures of the whole thing as I got it…

After removing literally everything from the case and giving it a proper cleaning I ordered some replacement parts. I wanted it to be low power and of course I wanted to include it into my home automation to remote control and dim it. I got a proper power supply, some cold white LED strips, added a D1-Mini with a power shield and a self built, simple mosfet shield containing a quite beefy IRL640 to control the LEDs. Everything got connected with wires and mounted into the case. The D1 Mini is running Tasmota since that makes it easy to include it into my existing automation systems including HomeKit control via HomeBridge. Add a power cord, mount it to the wall above the door and done!

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