USBasp ICSP Programmer

The USBasp is a simple but very useful tool, originally created by Thomas Fischl and copied by many, mostly chinese manufacturers. There are many different variants of this tool but none of them had everything I wanted. So I made my own – the QUSBASP. The biggest difference to most of these tools is flexibility and it’s size. The USB side can be populated with either a USB-A connector or a pin header for a standard USB cable. The ICSP header has both the 10 and the 6 pin variant, the latter being on the edge of the board so it can be directly plugged onto the board I want to program. It is also using the newer ATmega88PB which is often cheaper and easier to get than the originally used ATmega88P – and it works with the same software.

I also created a tiny little adapter to use the programmer without soldering in headers! It’s using pogo pins (P75-E2) and can be plugged into the 6-pin header of the programmer.

Here are the gerber files for my creation in case you want to order your own bords.