Resistor Decade

There are lots of cheap and more or less simple solutions for resistor decades available on the internet, but all of the affordable ones have negative things in common: They aren’t very precise or sometimes even fake precise, like having 0.1Ω steps but their internal resistance is already more than 1Ω… I decided to make my own version, as precise as possible for a homemade device, in a small form factor, easy to use and cheap. The result was a pcb with 1206 0.1% SMD resistors and simple jumpers. It has a measured overall precision that’s way under 1% for both small and large resistance values and goes from 0Ω to 9999999Ω (9.99MΩ) which should cover all my needs!

The design is simple and was done quickly, PCBs were ordered from JLCPCB (not a sponsor) like most of my projects and after the quite tedious job of soldering in 63 SMD resistors I designed a little 3D printed frame for it… It works as planned and will hopefully be a nice little helper for designing circuitry. Feel free to download and use the provided files to make your own!