More Power!

I got the crazy idea to power my server rack with something bigger, more impressive than a puny normal power plug. Keep in mind: It’s functional but very much also for the looks… I know a fair amount about electrical installation and am in fact able to do it in a safe and reliable manner so my idea was to basically have a fake three phase wall box to power the whole thing! Of course the wall box won’t be the only thing. I wanted it to look as real as possible so the rack itself got a fitting connector as well!

I got the simplest wallbox I could find that had one 3-phase and two 1-phase sockets and room for a few din rail mounted bits. I also got a simple 1 phase power meter and will add some more stuff to fill the gap later!

On the rack side I used a 2U blind panel to mount the connector and a small junction box which connects the 1st phase of the 3-phase connector to the internal power distribution of the rack. Have some pictures:

The other thing that got added for power was a used 2U power distribution thing with built in filters and protection circuits – I didn’t need it but I wanted it! It fits the theme of totally overdoing the whole thing just to make it look good! And tbh, it was cheap since according to the seller noone buys these used if they really need one. But, and that is the important part: It works! I wasn’t able to find any technical details (besides a few ebay auctions trying to sell one) about the whole device but I can tell that it has 2 20A breakers and line filters built in. Those breakers will certainly never have to do their job since the whole line is secured with 16A but who cares? They don’t hurt either. And it has lots of outlets on the back so I don’t need extra sockets in my rack which is a nice side effect!

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